iGuard Stove- Intelligent Model for Electric Stove


The iGuardStove is an easy to use motion sensor control device that simply shuts off the stove when it doesn’t see any motion in the kitchen for five minutes. No more burnt food or melted pots or pans. In minutes you can add many valuable safety features that are NOT available on stoves at all.

Track Memory Changes – Stove Usage/Events – The number of times each day that the iGuardStove has to step in and turn off a forgotten stove is recorded for up to 12 months back. This is a very easy way to determine changes in peoples memories.
Nutritional – Daily Events – You can easily check online to see if people are using the stove regularly or if they are not using the stove to cook meals.
Daily Activity Monitor – Using our patented motion sensing technology is the iGuardStove doesn’t see anyone walk into the kitchen during the first 3 hours of their morning it will send a text alert suggesting you check in on the household.
Night Time Activity Monitor – The iGuardStove will create an event when it sees motion during the night. This can show if sleep disorders may be present such as sleep walking or insomnia.
Personal Emergency Response Alert – The Emergency button will send a text message to alert people that the user may be in distress. Being on the iGuardStove it’s alway in the same place in the kitchen all the time. It won’t go missing like the cordless phone.



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